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How do Unions work?

What is a Union?

A union is a non profit membership organisation that exists to improve the working lives of its members. By joining together as a Union, members are able to access a range of services and have a voice on important workplace matters that could not be achieved alone. Better results come from working together for a common goal. A main task of the Union is to make sure working conditions are good (pay, safety, leave entitlements ...) as well as ensuring that members are treated fairly at work. The Union can only keep maintaining and improving on workplace rights and pay conditions when people in the workplace choose to be members - without members there is no Union.

What is involved in being a member of a Union?

Being a union member is the way to make a real difference for you and your colleagues at work. Each member chooses the level of involvement that best suits them. A Union will always achieve even better results when it's members are actively involved in the Union. Being active can be simply a matter of discussing workplace issues with colleagues and letting your FSU workplace Representatives (Rep) know of issues or suggestions as they arise. If you are interested in finding out more about ways to be actively involved in the union, contact the union office.

How does the Union work in my workplace?

The strength and effectiveness of the union in your workplace depends on you and your workmates - the more active you are the better for all. In the same way, the more people who choose FSU membership means a stronger voice on important matters in your workplace.

FSU Reps play a key role in supporting members at work in dealing with workplace matters. Your Rep is your first point of call to get a question answered or to raise a work issue. Find out who your Rep is and let them know you have joined the union - if you don't have a Rep and would like to find out about what the role of the rep is, please call the union office.

The union notice board in your workplace is also worth checking every now and again for the latest news, if there isn't one, speak to the union office about how to get one set up. Importantly, stay in contact with your fellow members, your Rep and the Union Office - if you have questions or concerns please call, we're here to help.


Contact: Your local FSU branch


Authorised By: Julia Angrisano, National Secretary

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